Tennessee Chapter 9 of International Harvester Collectors

President's Message

President's Message

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Fall Tractor Show season!  There has been a lot of good events around to attend.

 As many of you have heard, we lost our dear friend Johnny Mitchell to cancer.  I would ask everyone to remember Debbie and the rest of the family this holiday season.  It is going to be hard on them.

Some of you may have heard, but we are going to have our First Annual Chapter 9 Plow Day in Crossville on April 6, with a rain date for April 13.  We will get flyers and directions out by the first of the year.  Anyone and any brand is welcome!  We will also have our second quarter meeting at the plow day.  If it is rained out on the 6th, we will move the meeting to the 13th.  We will have a loader tractor on site as well as lunch and restrooms.

We have formed a committee to contact the McCormick Farm about acquiring a piece of equipment from them to restore and display.  We will be voting on what piece to restore at the Christmas meeting.

That being said, the Christmas Social will be Saturday, December 8th from 12-2 central time at Logan's Roadhouse in Cookeville.  I hope everyone can attend.

Finally, I have enjoyed being your President this year and I appreciate everyone allowing me to serve.  I have tried to get more activities started for us as a Club and I hope that we can continue to move forward with more activities in the future.  I hope we can bring our Chapter back to where it was in the past.  Thank you all for everything you do!  


Jason Finchum
Chapter 9 President